Blogmas Day 18: Christmas in 10 Years Time

At 25  find myself focusing a lot on my future and what I would like it to involve.

So 10 years from now would make me 35 (excuse me while I panic a little too much at that realisation). With this in mind what would I want my life to look like on the run up to Christmas in those 10 years?

Well I hope money won’t be too much of an issue in 10 years, I tend to do pretty well at Christmas and manage to get presents for everyone that I think they’ll enjoy and I also manage to have some real fun plans on the lead up to the big day so I hope I still manage those things. My niece will be 12 by then (oh no) so I hope by then we have our own little traditions of things to do, maybe something like always baking Christmas cookies together or spending the day in Edinburgh together getting hot chocolate and going round the markets. Who knows I could have more than just one niece by then, I could even have my own kids!

I hope I still get to have some form of Secret Santa with my friends. By then I know at least 2 of them will be married a good few years so will no doubt have kids of their own so if we don’t do Secret Santa presents for each other I hope I get to get their kids presents while we still either meet up to go Christmas shopping together or have a girls night where we get a chance to catch up.


I would like to have it similar to now as far as going out to visit people. I have no idea who will be significant in my life in 10 years time but it would be nice to spend the lead up to Christmas going to people’s houses with cards and presents. I am starting to realise now that there are still loads of people I appreciate having in my life so I hope to still be spending this time of year with them; old school friends, old work colleagues, extended family members, the list goes on and on. Maybe having people round for a mini Christmas dinner type thing or even have a Christmas party. I love being surrounded by people at this time of year (it’s actually the only time of year I love being in the centre of it all with endless plans) so the more people I see the better.

I hope my brother and I’s traditional Christmas Eve photo has continued in some way. Every family needs traditional photos right? Maybe in our 30’s we’ll be too old to get the photo in front of the Christmas tree together but I hope he will have at least passed that tradition down to his kids.

Speaking of which, it better still be acceptable for me to have my own stocking. Family traditions have changed slightly over the last couple of years but I hope in 10 years a lot of them still exist in a sense. I hope we still get together to open our presents properly from one another in the morning or early afternoon.

I would honestly like to be married and have someone to wake up to on Christmas morning. I’d love to be able to have a quiet breakfast before heading to either my parent’s or my brother’s house. Yes I still plan to have Christmas dinner with my mum and dad at least, since my brother tends to have to switch between us and his in-laws. So ye Christmas dinner with the parents and then possibly another Christmas dinner on Boxing Day with my brother and his family too.

Will I have kids by then? Maybe, maybe not I am still not fully decided on that but either way I hope my Christmas in 10 years, 15 years and even 30 years are still spent surrounded by my family and those I love the most.

So… my Christmas in 10 years time will hopefully be spent with family and friends the same way it is now. I would like to be married by then and have created my own traditions either with my husband, parents or my niece by then while still continuing some of the old family traditions we have.

Thanks guys


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