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Blogmas Day 19: My Top 5 Christmas Presents

As we are reaching the final countdown to Christmas Day I am so excited at the though of what Christmas Day will bring. As a kid I was far too excited about my presents and as an adult I look forward to seeing other people’s reactions as they open the presents I bought them.


I have always been truly spoiled at Christmas and it is impossible to look back on 25 year’s worth of presents but I thought I’d give it a go and look back on 5 of my favourite Christmas presents and I’ll narrow this down a bit more by at least saying over the past 10 years give or take.

IMG_1087Disney Princess Print – My first Christmas present from my niece and as simple as it is I absolutely adore this. Of course at two months old she has no idea about it but isn’t this just the cutest thing?

Digital Photoframe – I am so forgetful about this little beauty but when I remember to use it I do love it. I love far too many photos and this at least keeps them all in one place and stops my walls from being totally covered! I especially love the fact I have it now because it will be a perfect thing to take with me when I move out.

IMG_1188Lion King Ornament – Why do my mum and dad always do amazing at Christmas? I didn’t even know I wanted or needed this and yet now I can’t imagine walking into my room without seeing it. So simple but genuinely one of the most perfect presents for me. It’s Disney for one thing but ultimately it’s my favourite movie and I love it because it stays on my shelf in my room and adds a bit of positivity to my day every time I see it.

Nintendo Switch – To be fair to my ex he always outdone himself with Christmas presents. Getting me absolute gems like my polaroid camera and polaroid cube but I have to say despite me not having as much of a chance to use it as I would like, my Nintendo Switch was absolutely insane to get. I am in fact hoping to get more games for it this Christmas to really make use of it because it honestly is too good a present not to get the most out of.


Old Locket – My big brother got me a locket about 10 years ago and it was honestly one of the nicest things he has ever given me. It was a simple smaller love heart locket, that was maybe too small to hold an actual picture in it but I swear I wore it nearly every day until I got my new locket for my birthday last year.

It was quite strange to go back and think about my best presents and I love how mixed some of them are. I have been so lucky over my 25 years and these 5 presents are simple just a select few of the many, many great presents I’ve had. If I am totally honest my favourite Christmas present every year is actually the chocolate coins from my mum and dad. This was mentioned in my family traditions post and I very much view this as a tradition and would genuinely be gutted if I stopped getting them. So simple yet so sweet.

What are some of your favourite Christmas presents over the years?

Thanks guys


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