Blogmas Day 21: Top Blogmas Posts

We’re 3 weeks into Blogmas and I feel as we are in the final days to Christmas it is only right to pick out some personal favourite Blogmas posts. Frankly anyone that has made it this far deserves a major pat on the back, whether they have done every day, every second day or whatever else. 

So what Blogmas posts have I really enjoyed this year?

Christmas Day Outfit Ideas – Foundations and Fairytales – I love the outfits covered in this because of course it involves Disney but also gives subtle ideas for anyone wanting to look Festive but not too over the top. I am never particularly good at putting outfits together and it was nice to see such simple outfits make such an impact. 

Tough 20’s  – Little Mayfly Blog – Not sure if this is particularly classed as a Blogmas post but it was posted during December so I am including it because I feel it is such an important thing for people to read this month. December can be such a reflective month for people and this normally includes comparing yourself even more to everyone else and I just love how honest and blunt this post is. Your 20’s are so much harder than your teens and I’m so glad I am not alone in thinking this. 

Reflecting On The Year – caitlincx – I do however love a reflective post and I really like this one because it includes good and bad things to happen in a year. We often focus too much on the bad things or try to hard to portray only the good things so I love that this gives a realistic look at life. I also love that only a short explanation is used for each month because to me that focuses more on finding something truly important. 

Favourite Bloggers of 2018  – by Something Different – I am loving these types of posts right now because they are just so positive and lovely to read. Not only is it a nice way to get to know those you follow more based off who they like and what they say about them but this also gives me a chance to find even more bloggers to follow. 

Things I’m Grateful For This Christmas – Becca Blogs It Out – I am a sucker for these relefctive posts but I truly love how honest this is. We are reminded at this time of year how lucky we are to have friends and family but sometimes it’s nice to be thankful for the smaller things… like Netflix. For me this post feels even more like a conversation between friends thanks to the more personal answers.

Christmas Gift Guide, Disney Stocking Fillers – Lize In Disneyland – I wouldn’t be much of a Disney fan if I didn’t mention a Christmas Disney guide would I? For one thing I will alway love looking at these gift guides because more often that not I over complicate buying people presents and it’s nice to be reminded that sometimes the obvious things are the best to go for. This covers so many fun ideas for stocking (and secret Santa) presents and I love that it isn’t solely Disney items but things that could easily be included as if they are.

Now seriously these aren’t even half of all the ones I enjoyed but this post would end up being far too long otherwise so I’ll leave it here.

Thanks guys


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