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Blogmas Day 22: Festive Favourite Recipe

I thought it was about time I tried out a more festive recipe and cookies seemed like the easiest one to start out with. Plus this one was more fun because I could spend more time making them look Christmassy with my decorations.

Christmas Cookies


470g Plain Flour

1tsp Baking Powder

225g Margarine

300g Caster Sugar

2 Eggs

2 tsps Vanilla Extract

I went with a very basic recipe for this one since to me the decorating is the more fun part.

Safe to say I have not realised a missed calling of mine because these cookies were a bit haphazard to say the least!

So first you need to preheat oven to 200 C / Gas 6 and lightly grease two baking trays.

Mix the flour and baking powder together and then leave in a bowl on the side. 

In another bowl, cream together the margarine and sugar then beat in the eggs. Finally stir in the vanilla. Gradually sift in the flour until it’s finished. Now really I should have covered this dough for like 2 hours but I was in a rush when I made these and forgot. So I ended up going straight into rolling out the dough. It actually turned out alright but I think I’ll leave the dough for 2 hours next time. 

I put flour down on the kitchen counter and started rolling it out to about 5mm thickness. I then cut out all my different shapes with my festive cookie cutters. 

Bake for 6 to 8 minutes in the oven, or until edges are starting to brown. Transfer from baking tray to wire cooling racks. Decorate with icing when they are completely cool.

For the icing I just used another basic recipe and for once my icing turned out really good the first time. I made white, green and red icing to mess about with. 

Overall I’d say they turned out ok. My icing was far better than I imagined it would be because I am the worst at making icing! Plus nobody has complained of an upset stomach after eating them so I would class that as a win.

I will give a bit of a warning that this makes so many cookies so be prepared to have cookies in your house for days after this.

Thanks guys 


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