Blogmas Day 24: Dear Diary

Not done one of these entires for a while and I feel Christmas Eve is as good a time as any.

I have had a busy few days and it’s not even Christmas Day yet!

After far too long me and a few of my best friends managed to get a night in together sorted to swap our secret Santa presents. Seriously is there anything better than a night with great company? Always a lovely reminder of the great people I do have in my life. I even went against my usual attitude and opened the Secret Santa present while I was there! Don’t worry I’ve still put it back under my tree to look at again tomorrow.

Always feel weird to leave and say I’ll see you next year, makes it feel so much longer. But I fully intend to get another plan sorted ASAP!

I got to spend a day in Edinburgh with my dad yesterday for his birthday and thankfully it wasn’t too busy when we got there. We had a wander round the market and I even got a cute Christmas tree decoration which will hopefully get to be put on my own Christmas tree next year. After a wander round we went for lunch and shockingly I only had one course! No dessert! That never happens.

After Edinburgh we had a quick visit for my uncle for presents and then headed for my brother’s house to babysit my niece. I swear there is never enough time in the day to spend with my little sidekick. We went for a walk round the street since Santa was going round and then had a relaxed night together. And as expected I got totally soaked while she was in the bath – every single time.

I am already excited to see her reaction tomorrow opening all her presents. I suppose that makes me an official adult now that I’m more excited to see everyone else open their presents.

Hope everyone enjoys today and tomorrow with all those important to them.

Thanks guys


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