Blogmas Day 25: My Blogmas Experience

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wow that’s us now at the end of Blogmas, can’t believe I made it.

So how was my Blogmas experience? Honestly it was pretty tough, I had preplanned a lot of stuff but right in amongst it all plans changed and my mind changed about the content I actually wanted to share.

Even though so much of the content was fun or interesting to do. Even the content I have to finish off the year is good for making me reflect more on my last year and work hard for next year. All that stuff has been very therapeutic but I’m not going to lie it has still been tough.

I always want to make good content and I want it to mean something. Pre warning my next few posts are quite similar in that I am being very reflective but it all means something. However trying to create fun content that also means something for well 25 days is hard. Not everyone likes what you make and to be honest I can be my own worst critic and I am 100% happy with everything I have done.

I did however love reading everyone else’s post and by having it happen over so many consecutive days it made me feel like I was really getting to know people more. I love hearing about family traditions and favourite Christmas songs and all those other things that are entirely personal to you as a person.

Will I do Blogmas next year? Probably not or at least I will do it in my own variation where it doesn’t feel as intense.

Hope everyone enjoyed what I put up and enjoyed their own time doing it 😊

Thanks guys


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