Real Life

2018 Round Up

Good news guys we all survived another year, yes even those days we said we wouldn’t. We’re all still standing so well done!

2018 has been a funny year for me, I have both loved and loathed it in almost equal measure, having some of my best and worst moments of life so far. As each year passes I am reminded of how lucky I am but also how hard life can be sometimes and unfortauntley where some people are thriving in their 20’s I seem to be struggling a bit for now.

2018 has given me one of those life defining moments, where you clearly view your life in two parts, life before the event and life after. Annoyingly although I am starting to see where my life could head and be excited about it I still feel I am stuck in an infinite limbo, unsure of when my life will fall into place and whether or not I will truly be happy with the decisions I make for myself.

This year has seen the end of a 6 year relationship making me suffer my first and hopefully last heartbreak. It has seen me travel back to Copenhagen to visit a best friend, start a new job and decide that I am ready to be an adult and move out. As well as all of that it has also forced me to fully appreciate just how capable I am.

So some of the lessons I have learnt this year include:

You never know how capable you are until you don’t have a choice

Keep your circle small but remember to be open to new people too

Listen to your gut

It is true when they say the best things happen outside your comfort zone

Never fully burn bridges unless you are sure this individual will cause you nothing but trouble 

Sometimes you need to swallow your pride to make the bigger picture of your life better

Going home to your mum and dad even as an adult is something to be deeply grateful for

Show people how much you care do not just assume they know because you know

Nothing lasts forever – good or bad

Overall 2018 was as mixed a year as any other but I’m choosing to believe that 2018 was just getting me put in place for how amazing my 2019 is going to be.

Thanks guys


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