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Books to Read 2018 – How Did I Do?

I decided that 2018 was going to be the year that I finally read some books that had been on my reading list for far too long. At the start of the year I kept my goals relatively simple only making my to be read list a short one, focusing more on the few books I wanted to check off this list rather than making the list too long since I tend to find new books to read every other day.

As we are now in the middle of 2018 I thought I would look back on my progress on my list while also adding a few books I read so far this year that were an added pleasure.

Let’s have a look…

Murder on the Orient Express– Agatha Christie. This is one I had on my list before the movie was released earlier this year. It is one of the most well known stories and yet I still don’t know who really was the killer.  This one can happily be crossed off my list and you can even find a review I done of it here. So glad I read this it was such an amazing read, it has actually made me consider reading more Agatha Christie so I can see a few books getting added to my 2019 read list!

Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte – I have really been trying to get through some classics over the past couple of years. Since this is so well known I feel it has to get read soon. I tried, I really tried to read this one but I couldn’t get into it at all. I might try again in 2019.

The Silmarillion – J.R.R Tolkien – I think I’m just making things difficult for myself. After rereading Lord of the Rings at the start of this year I think I need to discover more about the world Tolkien has created. I have been told by my brother that this is a pretty tough read so we’ll see if this can get ticked off. Ok didn’t manage it this year, maybe try again in 2019.

29 Seconds – T.M Logan – I am desperate for this one. After being told to read Logan’s first book “Lies” by my boyfriend I have had this author added to my list of people to watch out for. This is scheduled to come out early next year so I can see this getting ticked off fairly soon. I did eventually get round to this a little later in the year than planned but it’s done. Can’t say I enjoyed it as much as I first thought I would but it’s still a good read that totally threw me at the end and my full review is here to check out. I can see me keeping an eye on this author for any future releases.


The Couple Next Door– Shari Lapena – This is one that has been on my recommended list for a while so since I took a break to read some Christmas themed books during December I feel this could be one to start 2018 off. I eventually got round to this one and unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it the way I thought I would. It was a reasonably good thriller that had me hooked at the start, however I wasn’t thrilled with the ending. You can check out my full review here.

Friend Request – Laura Marshall – Similar to the one above this has been on my recommended list for a while and I’m quite intrigued to read it just because I think the cover of it is quite creepy!  Another one done and another great read that you can check out here, or even look at my own review here. This has also lead me to keep an eye out for any other books by Laura Marshall.


Added extras I really enjoyed 

Behind Closed Doors – B.A Paris – This book had also been on my kindle for a good while so when I came across it again I thought I would give it a go. So glad I did because it really kept me hooked. The characters managed to keep me interested even though I found myself actively disliking them for most of the book. This has also opened me up to a possible new author to add to my read list. Check out my review here.

He Said She Said – Erin Kelly – Well this had also been on my kindle for a while so I finally got round to it. To be honest I felt it made started off a bit slow but before long I couldn’t put it own desperate to find out what happened next. There were also a few greats moments where I found myself thinking “no way!” I loved the split between past and present because it managed to keep me on my toes and always wanting more. Check out my proper review here.

The Foster Child – Uh talk about a creepy read! After enjoying Jenny Blackhurst’s previous books I knew I had to read this one too and thank god I waited for the lighter nights! Not only has this book got a very interesting concept, exploring mob mentality, for one. but the main character is very funny to read and yes even as an adult you do start questioning how much is possible. Check out my full review here.

5 Years From Now – This was a paritucalr favourite read of mine this year. It followed the life of two people that were constantly thrown together and torn back apart for the best part of two decades and honestly I still don’t think I’ve recovered from it. My full review will be going up in the new year.


Well overall I’d say I done ok, managed to find some other books I really enjoyed which has resulted in a few more authors I’m gong to keep an eye out for. I was hoping that either Wuthering Heights or The Silmarillion would have been ticked off my list but I couldn’t get into Withering Heights. I might consider an audio book for these two, especially after my brother was raving about audio books earlier in the year.

Thanks guys


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