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2018 Resolutions – How Did I Do?

Well everyone here we are at the end of another year. I normally feel quite sad about the year ending but I’m excited to see how I managed this year with my goals and I am actually looking forward to seeing what 2019 will bring.

So how did I do?


Things to Change

Spend less time on my phone, specifically social media – I started off well with this and have since slipped back into old habits but I feel I am getting better again.

Stop comparing myself and my life to others – Again this is a tough one because I suppose you can’t really reach a specific point where this is achieved it’s more a working progress. I will say I am at least recognising how bad I can be with it sometimes and I am slowly realising that I’m doing ok despite me sometimes feeling my friends are absolutely killing this adulthood thing.

Put myself first every so often rather than running myself into the ground for others constantly – I actually think I have done well with this one. I haven’t went completely the other way and only thought of myself but I have learnt to say no when I don’t want to do something.

Drink more water – since starting my new job in February I have managed to up my water intake in a desperate attempt to stop me snacking.


These are more just ways of living rather than specific goals so

Things to Achieve

Lose a few more inches off my legs and waist – Ok so my measurements have went down since the start of the year but not an overly noticeable amount on paper. Saying that a lot of my clothes have felt bigger on me and a few people have commented on me losing weight so that’s a good thing.

Travel back to Copenhagen – didn’t quite go to plan for March but managed an amazing return trip in April!

Reach 40 followers on my blog – I have far surpassed this and I’m so pleased with it 😊

Complete my book list for 2018 – I’d say I have done pretty well. My full post about this is here but overall I have not only finished ones I planned from the beginning but found a good few books I really enjoyed too.

Travel to somewhere different (wishful thinking so somewhere like Japan or New York kind of different) – Well this was a bit of a long shot anyway and my plan was to travel to Japan in April 2019 but it looks like that isn’t going to happen but hopefully I can turn this into moving out instead.

Added at my summer check up

Start using a 8kg kettle bell for a full class at kettlecise – I actually already started using one but off and on throughout the class so hopefully I’ll be make it to a full class soon.

Get my 5k run times to 30 minutes – I managed to get my usual 5k time under 30 minutes back in September!

Happy overall with how my goals went and it is only going to push me further for 2019. I hope everyone else has achieved what they wanted for this year and if you slipped up along the way please remain positive it’ll work out.

Thanks guys


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