Real Life

What Am I Looking Forward To?

All my posts recently seem to revolve around looking back on my progress this year or looking forward to what I want to achieve next year and sadly this post isn’t going to be overly different

But first hear me out…

2018 has been a year of major ups and major downs as I’m sure it has been for many people but I truly now believe that 2018 had to happen the way it did to now allow every following year to get better and better. For the first time in about 2/3 years I was genuinely excited for Christmas, as in warm tingling feeling in my stomach, feeling like a child again type of excitement. I might as well have been waiting up with cookies for Santa myself because honestly it has been the best ever.

I believe this happened due to a number of different factors but the main one being that for the first time in far too long I wasn’t dreading the future. I have no idea what my future holds but for the first time this thought doesn’t terrify me, it actually excites me. Where will I be this time next year? In my own house? Celebrating in a new job? Celebrating with someone new? Will I be an auntie to two next year? So many possibilities and it’s exciting!

So instead of focusing mainly on 2019 what am I looking forward to in general, whether it be next year, 5 years or even 20 years from now? Now that I feel more settled what do I genuinely hope for in the future?

My brother’s surprise 30th party this month 

The moment I put the keys into my own front door of my own house

My first Auntie/niece sleepover

Another niece or nephew being born

My wedding day

One of my best friend’s weddings this December

Another best friend’s wedding in 2020

The friends mentioned above’s hen nights/weekends


My niece’s first day of school

Our first family holiday to Florida since 2014

Hopefully seeing Japan for the first time

Skydiving in New Zealand (hopefully)

Well this is just a few things I am looking forward to but I hope as I write his that they all end up happening.

What is everyone else looking forward to in the future?

Thanks guys 



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