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Disney Park Countdown

So I’ve made it pretty clear that Disneyworld is my favourite place in the world but out of all the Disney parks there which ones are my favourite?

So let’s number all the parks and find out what my favourite (and least favourite) ones are.

Epcot – I love the World Showcase here but to be honest that’s all I overly enjoy about it. Not that there’s anything wrong with the park but for me there aren’t enough thrill rides. The World Showcase, however, is really amazing and one of my favourite things to walk around. Some of the attention to detail is so fun and being able to get fish and chips for lunch is an added treat for me.

Blizzard Beach – How cute is this place? The little ski lift is so cute even if it is a little bit slow for me considering I am more bothered about getting to the top of Summit Plummet the fastest.

oh god we're such weirdos


Animal Kingdom – I am probably most relaxed in this park out of all of them, the atmosphere just seems a lot more chilled out. I still love the safari and the Lion King show no matter how many times I’ve done it. I love the overall design and I am even more excited for a return visit in the future thanks to the new additions.


Typhoon Lagoon – This will always be my favourite water park in the world no matter what all the other polls tell you about what the best one is! The wave pool alone makes this amazing for me, I love all things water and being able to dive right in and see how far back you can get thrown will be something I never tire of trying.

Magic Kingdom – This was a toss up between Magic Kingdom and Typhoon Lagoon for second place but ultimately that walk up Main Street wins me over, is there a more magical feeling in the world? It’s the most iconic park of them all and with very good reason. That moment of the holiday when we first see the castle is a real favourite moment and how could it not be the castle is so beautiful. The rides available are also great no matter what age you are and all the different areas of the park continue to make it more and more interesting.


Hollywood Studios – This will always be my favourite park out there! The walk up towards Tower of Terror alone has got to be one of my favourite parts out of the entire world. Most people love the walk up to the castle in Magic Kingdom (which I do) but this one in Hollywood Studios really is simply amazing to me. The overall feel of the park is so retro and the designs of all the shops are so cool. Yes Tower of Terror also plays a massive part in my love for this park but I love the overall mix of rides and shows in this park. Plus now that Toy Story Land has been added I am loving this park even more, can’t wait to check it out one day.

Right now I would give anything to be in any one of those parks. What is everyone else’s favourite park from Disneyworld?

Thanks guys


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