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Life’s Simple Pleasures

At this time of year I think it’s very easy for people to feel a bit down and forget how it is the simplest things in life that make it all worthwhile.

We’re now still in the darker months of the year, only now it is after the buzz of Christmas and New Year with the reality of work and school coming back round. I think this makes everyone feel a bit down and normally this leads to people booking holidays because well we always need something to look forward to, or probably spending more money to “treat ourselves”


Don’t get me wrong, my holidays normally get booked in February for the summer and I also tend to buy new boots or whatever else after a bad day at work but one thing I have grown to realise is the simplest things can make a bad day better 😊

So what are the simple things that bring happiness to my life?

A good cup of tea

Fresh bed sheets

A hug from my niece

Losing myself in a book


Heavy rain on a night that I’m cosy in bed

My Saturday morning run

Going out for breakfast


Getting back in the house to the warm after a long winter walk

My mum making my favourite dinner

A delivery arriving for me

A hot bubble bath

The first steps onto fallen snow ❄️


Belly laughing with friends

My favourite song playing on the radio

These are only a few that seem more relevant for this time of year ☃️ Remembering these simple things helps me put things into perspective and realise that a bad day isn’t a bad day but a bad few minutes that I let continue for too long.

Would love to hear other simple things people love in their life 😊

Thanks guys


2 thoughts on “Life’s Simple Pleasures”

  1. I remember one day specifically, I’d ran out the door but knew I missed my bus. I came home for 20 minutes until the next one and as soon as I turned on the radio when I arrived home my favourite song was playing. It’s so important to remember that the ‘bad’ thing is just a bad moment.

    Tori |
    Latest blog post: Hello 2018


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