Real Life

Letter to Me – Open 2020

I done one of these last year and really enjoyed it and not going to lie it was pretty surreal reading what I put in my 2019 letter last year.

Suppose it’s kind of like me setting my yearly goals but as a capsule in time to this moment in life right now. So let’s get this letter underway.


Hi Jennifer

As usual I hope you have chilled out a lot in the past year! 2018 as I am sure you remember was a rollercoaster year and now as we get into 2019 you are feeling positive ( so please let that still be the case now).

I hope we have found our own place and that you are currently rereading this as you sit in your own living room surrounded by your own things with a massive smile on your face because we did it!

Speaking of which did you finally do those things we said we would for ages? Did you finally go and get that tattoo after always finding an excuse not to?

I hope we’re still managing our friendships in the best way we can. I’m sure we had an absolute ball at Amy’s wedding in December and I can only imagine how excited you are for Amie’s in the coming August. Things will have probably changed again but I hope we’re still meeting up with the girls for catch ups and you might even have managed to get a flat near Amie and Debra so I seriously hope that has turned out to be as fun as it sounds.

Right now you are absolutely buzzing for Lee’s surprise 30th and you’re not long back from decorating the hall for it for tomorrow, while looking at jobs and flats so early 2019 you is having a great time of it so far. You have already had an interview for another job and although you didn’t get that one you were offered another one. I mean you didn’t want that one but at least you got offered it so onwards and upwards on that front. So quite frankly I hope you are also sitting reading this in the job you want to be in and you’re enjoying the job for what it is.

Besides that not much is really happening as of right now. I hope you enjoyed the sister date to see Westlife in June with Louise as well as Rod Stewart with mum and Lee in November.

So what do I want for you for the rest of 2019 as you hopefully read this from the comfort of our own flat? I hope you’re happy and content with life at long last. You aren’t far off it right now but you are suddenly realising that there is so much you want from life and it all just seems a bit out of reach right now. I hope I’ve surprised us with what I can do and I hope you are continuing to make life count.

I hope Amelia is keeping you on your toes and continuing to prove to you that life is about so much more than those silly things that you obsess over.

Finally I want to remind you that clearing the air with a certain person was the right choice. I hope you and him are back to some form of the old us because right now you still miss him as your best friend every day. Things are looking up though!

Lots of love 2019 Jennifer


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