Real Life

Before I’m 30

Ok I promised myself I wouldn’t make a 30 bucket list but since my brother has just turned 30 I feel a smaller more manageable list of goals would be a good thing. So this isn’t a bucket list because that will only make me stress about not getting certain things done before I’m 30.

Go to one of my holiday goals – so either New Zealand, Japan or New York. This can be with family or friends.

Run a 10K – No I’m not going to aim for half marathon or marathon because I genuinely don’t think I’d enjoy running that at all but I could see me running a 10k and possibly still enjoying it.

Get my own house – This is something I hope to get ticked off my list this year

Learn to plait my hair nicely – Yes seriously this is a major goal, I have never been good with hair like so many other girls.

Move up to a Band 4 job – My work goes by bands so right now I am at Band 2 (and had an interview for a Band 3) so I am hoping to go up two bands by the time I’m 30.

Get my tattoo – You think if I put this on enough lists I’ll eventually get it done!

As it stands I have exactly 4 and a half years to achieve this if I do it all the day before I turn 30, so let’s see what I can do.

Thanks guys



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