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Book Review – Close To Home

Another book to do with detectives and child abductions and the classic question of was it the parents? You thought I’d be bored of all of that by now wouldn’t you? To be honest this book had been on my kindle for a while and I had completely forgotten what it was about until I started reading it and my first thought was ” not another child abduction story” and I was worried I’d be bored quite quickly.

Thankfully I was very wrong and I swiftly finished this book over a weekend.

Close to Home by Cara Hunter is the first in a series following Detective Adam Fawley while he tries to solve a missing child case. 8 year old Daisy is believed to have been taken from her own back garden during a party her parents are throwing for their neighbours and their children’s school friends and their families. As with most missing child cases the media latches on and quickly the parents are thrown into the spot light, believed to be responsible but is it really that simple? Detective Fawley is in charge of the case and after an extensive search of all nearby areas to no avail it becomes more and more likely that something much more sister has happened to young Daisy.


For me I always think this genre is a very difficult one to get into as a new author because there are so many well known ones out there. At first I was worried that I would get bored and find this too predictable but in actual fact even when I was sure I knew what happened I enjoyed reading about how it was all going to get discovered. It helps that I ended up being wrong with my theory.

I loved how Cara created the parents because I hated them from the beginning. Maybe a little bit strong but from the beginning both parents were shown to be pretty awful parents. It was clear from the start that both of them never worked as a team and I always got the feeling that one would rat out the other if the opportunity presented itself. Daisy’s mother was very concerned with everyone’s perceptions of her and made it very difficult for the police whenever possible.

I loved that the story kept me guessing, every time I thought I knew what was happening another clue would be found and I never managed to land solely on one person being behind it all.

I loved the ending because it genuinely surprised me. I won’t give it away don’t worry but I truly felt satisfied with the ending because it tied everything up in what I believe to be a fair outcome for every character involved. It was also an ending I really didn’t see coming, making it all the better.

Overall I enjoyed this book and managed to read it very quickly, which I feel is a great marker for how much I enjoy a book. Due to it being such a popular genre it can be hard to distinguish between a lot of these stories, especially for me because I am constantly reading thrillers but I still feel I enjoyed this without finding it too predictable or similar to other books in this genre I have read.

Rating: 4/5

Thanks guys


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