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Motivational Monday

Seriously I can’t be the only one that has a real dislike for February as a month? It’s like the Tuesday of the year it’s just pointless and annoying with nothing overly exciting about it.

Well I mean Valentines Day is a thing but I’ve always been pretty clear about my distaste for that day as well. Probably worse this year because it’s my first Valentines Day since 2011 without a date (how sad). I’m kidding of course, well I mean it’s sad for me because this will probably make this day a bit more upsetting than usual because you can’t help but think back to happier memories and when everyone else around you is loved up it’s hard not to think about it.

Keeping this in mind I thought I’d focus on that particular sadness for the motivation that is coming at you now


I think we’ve all experienced our own heartbreak stories and mine happened last year. I’m over it I swear – or at least I accept it now. Not sure I’m the type of person that every really gets over anything and honestly I’m ok with always feeling something for my ex – he was a massive part of my life for a long time.

Anyway this month brings up a lot of sadness and feelings of not being good enough if you don’t have someone and it’s easy to look back with rose tinted glasses on our past failed relationships when we feel like this, especially if others around you have that special someone.

Now let’s use this heartbreak we have all felt and look at it as training. We have just put our hearts into severe training! It’s done all the squats and burpees and now it’s coming back stronger.

Thanks guys


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