Favourite Disney Songs

Where would we be without Disney music? Well we would probably wouldn’t feel as disappointed that life can’t just break out spontaneously into a song and dance number than everyone in the surrounding area knows but I am sure we can live with that can’t we?

Disney are renowned for their music and beautiful songs that go with their movies. They clearly do it well considering that friends I have that hate rational “musicals” with happily sit through Disney movies often tapping their feet or singing along. They also managed to create a Disney “sound”. Often you can take the lyrics out of Disney songs and play only the music and people would be able to say something like “sounds like Disney”.

So what are my favourite Disney songs?

Heaven’s Light/ Hellfire (Hunchback of Notre Dame 1996) – This is a perfect example of a song that I now can fully appreciate as an adult. I never gave it much attention when I was younger because it was the bad guy’s song but wow it’s powerful. A perfect window into the villains mind with him making his feelings towards Esmeralda clear while also making it clear how ashamed he is of these feelings.

Go The Distance (Hercules 1997) – Another great motivational song from Disney. This somehow makes me feel like I can do anything which believes me works great when I’m at the gym. In typical Disney style you get a chance to get inside the mind of the hero and see them at their most vulnerable and yet somehow get stronger in such a short space of time. It still to this day gives me goosebumps when that massive crescendo hits.

I’ll Make a Man Out of You (Mulan 1998) – “Let’s get down to business…” I don’t know anyone that doesn’t hear the start of this song and instantly jump right in to the next line. The song is energetic, fun and something I have loved from day one. This was one of the songs that constantly got rewound to start when I watched Mulan on video (the good ol’ 90’s).


You’ll Be in My Heart (Tarzan 2000) – You can always trust Phil Collins to create an amazing song. I love that in the movie it begins as a lullaby because the song just sounds like a perfect thing to sing to a child from a parent. Personally it just makes me think of my niece but I suppose that makes it an even better song.

I See The Light (Tangled 2010) – I don’t know if it’s just the song or the overall scene in the movie because the lanterns are so beautiful. The song is so sweet, with beautiful lyrics that somehow don’t become too mushy and romantic even for this type of song. By beginning with the focus being on Rapunzel losing herself in the lanterns to then turning to both her and Flynn singing to each other shows the growth in them both making it all the sweeter.


Circle of Life (Lion King 1994) – Best opening to a movie ever. This song is so so beautiful and hearing the start of it still gives me goosebumps. Like all great Disney songs the lyrics are so well done and the overall melody is probably one of the best Disney ones out there. The song is perfect for when the movie eventually hit Broadway and after personally seeing the mini show in Disney’s Animal Kingdom it is a great song to hear live.

Out There (Hunchback of Notre Dame 1996) – This is a song that I just keep coming back to. Packed with childhood memories of me climbing about my living room like Quasimodo climbs about the bell tower this songs always brings that warm comforting feeling to me whenever I hear it. As a kid I loved the scene that came with it and the overall sound of it, as an adult I can fully appreciate the beautiful writing with the lyrics at the end as he sings “won’t resent, won’t despair, old and bent I won’t care…” having a deeper meaning than they did when I was 5.


There are plenty other Disney classics but that would make this post far too long. Would love to hear what everyone else’s favourites are.

Thanks guys


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