Oat Pancakes

My go to “treat” breakfast recipe. I came across this after my cousin started slimming world and she put an amazing picture of her pancakes up on Instagram.


2 eggs

40g porridge oats

4tbs of fat free Greek yoghurt

1 tsp vanilla extract

3/4tbs of sugar (or sweetener)

3/4tsp of baking powder

The best thing about this is that you can prepare the pancake mix in advance. I normally have pancakes for breakfast on Monday for a positive start to my week so I make the mix on Sunday and leave it in the fridge for the morning. Personally I think it works better when it has been left for a few hours so all the ingredients can mix together.

This is also super easy because it is my favourite type of recipe – everything in a bowl. Put your oats, natural yoghurt, sugar (or sweetener) eggs, baking soda and vanilla together and mix, that is how easy it is. This is also the perfect time to throw in extras if you want, for example I always put cinnamon in at this point as well for a little bit added flavour.

I will say I am still trying to perfect my frying skill. I normally use one tablespoon of mix per pancake and this normally gets me about 7/8 pancakes. Make sure the pan is on a low heat to make sure you don’t burn the outside without cooking the inside.

Once the pan has heated up, I use spray light and then put 2 pancakes on at a time. They should only need a couple of minutes each side.

The best part about these pancakes is you can mix them up a bit so you never get too bored. I try different fruit on top to make sure I eat as much fruit as I can. Even the mix can be changed. I’ve made chocolate pancakes, chocolate orange pancakes, peanut butter pancakes, honestly the list goes on and on.

Thanks guys


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