Real Life

Motivational Monday

Happy Monday everyone, I hope your week ahead is a good one in whatever you are doing.

One thing I am trying to make more of a conscious decision about is living more in the present. I am far too guilty of constantly thinking too far in the future and rehashing the past so instead let’s focus more on making the present fun because let’s be honest one day the present moment is going to be a precious memory. positive-quotes-value-of-a-moment-wall-quotes-decal.jpg

How wonderful is this quote though? How many moments have flown past us all that we now look back on as a great memory. Funnily enough as an adult my fondest memories are the times when nothing was really happening. Of course I love the big main memories like the school prom, last day when everyone was signing shirts, standing in front of Cinderella’s castle or walking onto the stage to get my degree. Yet it is the quieter moments that I think back on more fondly like the summer days where I would just sit with friends in the house all doing our own thing but being together or the car journeys to certain places that were filled with music and stupid jokes.

Keeping this in mind I am making more of an effort to live in the moment, meaning I am going to accept things as they are. Rather than putting plans off because they aren’t perfect I am going to make the most of how they are.

So happy Monday again everyone, I hope it may become a great memory to look back on for you.

Thanks guys


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