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Favourite Childhood Cartoon Characters

Even at 25 there are still some tv shows I watched as a kid that I actually quite enjoy. But what were my favourite cartoon characters when I was a kid?

Buttercup – Powerpuff Girls – I was a major tomboy in my younger days (still am to be fair) so it only made sense that out of the three pint sized superheros my favourite would be the mouthy tomboy too. I loved that even though she wore a dress she still loved fighting, sports and was an overall tough cookie.


Krillin, Dragonball z – I can’t explain this one even now. I loved DBZ as a kid and somehow I chose to keep my favourite in the human variety rather than the badass Saiyan race. Now I’m an adult I can realise how great a character he is but can’t really explain why I loved him as a kid.

Misty, Pokemon – I feel like there was a bit of a theme to my favourite characters when I was little considering that Misty was also a bit more of a tomboy. She also loved water Pokemon and that was always my favourite type as well.


TJ, Recess – I know you were all expecting it to be Spinelli and to be fair she was a close second but as a kid I liked TJ because well he was the leader so you obviously loved the main character most right?

Jade, Jackie Chan Adventures – Seriously does anyone else remember this? I collected all the talismans religiously. Jade was once again another great tomboy character I just loved. She never done what she was told but it was also so clear how much she cared about those closest to her.


Scooby Doo – Scooby Doo Where Are You? – I mean he’s a dog how can he not be the favourite character? I loved him because he’s so cute and just simply so loveable. He was funny and always managed to get the bad guy in the end.

Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible – Who didn’t want Ron as there best friend? He was just so damn lovable. No matter how scared he was of almost everything he was always going with Kim to help save the world (as much as he could). He was entirely his own person and loved life.


Who does everyone else like most from their childhood programmes?

Thanks guys


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