Real Life

Choosing Positivity

At this point in my life I feel like I am at a total crossroads, in constant limbo with regards to pretty much every aspect of life. Since I used to be someone that would naturally sway more towards the pessimistic outlook this would often lead to me thinking that I would never achieve any of things I wanted to and that my life was just going to stay the same.

However in the last few months I have made a conscious decision to try and think more positively and ultimately I think that’s all we can do. What is the point in wallowing in self pity or believing the worst is always going to happen? Right now I am stressed about moving out but rather than constantly say that I will never find the right place or have the amount of money I need I say that I have just not found the right place yet. One day the right place will turn up and there will be reason all the other places I have looked at before didn’t work out. Choosing to believe that everything happens for a reason and that everything will work out one way or another is a much more uplifting way to live because even then the bad times don’t tend to last for very long.


As I write this I actually feel I am starting to get rewarded for my positive outlook. I have looked at two flats this week that I think I have a good chance at getting. The weather is nice for the long Easter weekend. A friend of mine has contacted me to catch up and I haven’t seen her for a while and my cousin has got back to me about possible dates for visiting her in London, so ye everything is falling into place.

Would this have happened even if I hadn’t tried being positive? Possibly, but I’m not so sure I would have taken the opportunities I did if it wasn’t for me believing that I could make these things happen. So with that in mind I am going to keep trying to be positive and who knows more good things might just happen.

Thanks guys




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