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My Favourite Disney Pieces

Sitting in my room I’m suddenly becoming aware of how much Disney stuff I have in my room. Not always stuff from my great holidays to Disneyworld but general Disney stuff I have.

What are my favourite Disney pieces?

My Mickey Mouse throw – This has got to be one of my best purchases ever! I decided to get this at the start of the year simply to use as a blanket because this winter was absolutely freezing! Originally I was planning on getting a plain one but then I saw this (and the matching cushion) and just had to get it. It’s simple with a really nice grey colour that means I can get away with this all year round (currently using it as I write this in April!). Plus I got it in Primark so it didn’t cost loads either so really did get more than I paid for with this.


Lion King Print – I am constantly reminded of how much I love this print. As pretty much everyone that will be reading this knows Lion King is my favourite movie so any Lion King related things will be a particular favourite of mine. When I was reorganising my bedroom walls I decided a print would really make it look nicer and I found this on Etsy. Honestly check this person out because all their other prints looked just as amazing. The colours are beautiful and it has my favourite quote on it so I really can’t lose with this. I added a simple white frame and every time I see this on my wall I smile.


My safari hat – A personal favourite purchase from my trips to Disneyworld. I bought this back in 2010 and I made sure to take it when I returned in 2014. Aside from the practical use of it keeping my head protected from the sun I really love the overall design. I’ve also had a soft spot for Animal Kingdom and always wanted the type of clothing they wear. A hat was a good start. Seriously how cute is it?


My Disney ears from Disneyland Paris – It’s crazy that it took me till I was 23 on my overall 8th trip to a Disney park before I got my own Mickey ears! Not only do I love these because they are my first Mickey ears but also because it feels as if I was meant to wait until then to get them because I love the particular design for them. The addition of a purple bow is definitely good for me.


My Simba necklace – I did say that anything Lion King related is always special to me and this is far too cute not to love. Not only is it basically the design I want for whenever I am brave enough to get my tattoo but it such a simple and sweet necklace that constantly reminds me of the love I have for the movie.


My Mickey Mouse watch. I have to say this is probably my favourite not only Disney thing ever but one of my favourite presents ever. When we went to Florida for my 21st my brother had said that I could pick out anything I wanted as a present. I fell in love with this watch when I saw it because it was Disney but really subtle, meaning it didn’t look too childlike so I could use it as an every day watch. Unfortunately right now the face has went a bit squint so I need to get that fixed (or I should just go back for a new one haha) but I really do love this watch.


My safari Pluto plush – I actually have a safari Mickey plush as well but my Pluto one holds a special little place in my heart. I got this on my first trip to Disneyworld in 1999 when I was only 5 years old. Honestly I can’t remember much about this holiday but I do remember getting my Pluto plush and I have also heard stories about me not actually wanting to leave the villa without him after I got him. He’s a bit worse for wear now as I am sure you can imagine since his pupils have long disappeared from the white parts of his eyes and he also just looks a bit rougher. So it’s only fair I show him in his glory days.

I also apologise for my fashion – the good old 90’s. I have no idea what my mum was thinking!

My Minnie Mouse bag – It’s so cute and is still despite the ears pretty subtle, there isn’t too much going on design wise and I already know whenever I get back to Disneyworld this will be going with me.

Believe me when I say this doesn’t even cover a fraction of all the Disney related items I have but I didn’t want the post too long! These are a few favourites of mine and I have to say I love that a lot of them are from Disneyworld because that helps remind me of all the wonderful times I have had there.

Has anyone else got a favourite Disney item?

Thanks guys


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