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Book Review – In The Dark

After reading Close to Home, the first in a series of books following DI Adam Fawley by Cara Hunter I was intrigued to find out if this was a one hit wonder for me or if I would enjoy the rest in the series. I was once again not disappointed with this one.

In my review for Close to Home I mentioned how I felt this was quite a difficult genre to do well in because not only is it so popular but it is already dominated by so many big names and I was worried that it would be too predictable because often these books tend to follow a similar formula. I was pleasantly surprised by Close to Home and thankfully this has continued after reading In The Dark.

In The Dark follows DI Fawley on the case of a woman and child found in the basement of an old man. The problem is the young woman is not speaking, can it really be as simple as it seems? The old man is definitely beginning to become a victim to dementia and so is easily confused so Fawley and his team has their work cut out for them trying to prove the old man was responsible considering all the man seems to do is angrily shout about his dead wife.

The best part about a book being a continuation in a series is that some characters are already established which means, for me at least, I can spend more time focusing on new characters being introduced. As well as this it means I can find out more about the existing characters like how they handle suspects and one another.

In this case the new characters were interesting because I suspected each of them at one point or another. The old man Dr Harper both annoyed and intrigued me because I couldn’t work out if the case was as simple as he had done it before suffering from dementia or if there was something more sinister (is that even possible) going on.

For me what makes crime books so interesting is how it makes me pay attention to small details that I may gloss over in other books. I found myself really trying to focus on small details just in case they were relevant later on.

The story was completley different to what I thought it would be. Anyone that has read a good few of these types of books or even watched enough TV about it would be forgiven for thinking this would be a simple abduction case but far far from it. I love that this did not follow the easy formula and instead genuinely surprised me with what actually happened. Even characters I suspected of having something to do with it were involved but not in the way I first thought.

To add to an even better story I didn’t expect the ending! I did not see the ending coming at all. Honestly just when you think you have it completley wrapped up something shocking happens just to make sure you remember the story.

To be honest I don’t really have any complaints about this book other than Quinn’s character frustrating me more this time. Even then he is a well written character because he is meant to be the obnoxious lady’s man type because it plays off so well against the other men he works with.

Overall this for me took a slightly darker tone but was a great read that managed to keep me guessing and even helped add some real depth to the world by referencing real life events that no doubt help influence the author in her work. Thanks to this being an addition to a series you also get to revisit old characters and learn more about them and get a better insight into their lives to help better explain their actions and watch as they use their strengths in these new situations.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it’s interesting new characters as well as getting to know existing ones. I look forward to new books by Cara Hunter.

Rating: 4/5

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