Lion King Will Always Be My Favourite

I’ve already said in a previous Disney related post that Lion King is my favourite movie and in celebration of Lion King’s 25th anniversary (wow I feel old), and of course the new live action remake, I thought I would look back at why this movie is and always will be my favourite movie ever!

The music – I am constantly reminded of just how good the music is whenever I listen to it. I have the music on my iPod but I’ll be honest and say that a lot of the time when it comes on I skip over and pick something else, however those moments when I do let it play through I still get goosebumps from the classics like Circle of Life.Not only is the music good but it is varied in it’s style. As a kid I loved Can’t Wait To Be King and would often rewind my video back to the start of the song. If it wasn’t that song it would be Hakuna Matata and even though I have slightly outgrown those songs for lack of a better word I still love the upbeat nature of them and find myself singing along whenever I watch the movie.

The villain – I am a big fan of movie villains full stop because they tend to be the most interesting characters. Lion King for me has one of the most fun villains going. He isn’t outright evil but he does bad things driven by jealousy and an outright desperate want for something.

This scene – Honestly I have never had so much love for a scene in a movie. Listening to the music in this scene reduces to me to tears every single time. It shows how much Simba has grown as a character in only a few seconds as he walks up Pride Rock. If you can ignore how suddenly everything went from rainy and dead to beautiful, green and sunny then the scene really is so powerful thanks to the addition of rain.

The varied characters – The most fun movies and programmes to watch are the ones with loads of different characters. There is a clear cut between the good characters and the bad characters but within each group there are more interesting traits to be found in each character. Timon and Pumbaa are fun and light hearted. Rafiki is the all knowing sage that helps keep Simba on the right track. Simba isn’t your typical hero because he runs away from his responsibilities instead of simply being the good guy because he is supposed to be.

The life lessons – Good old Disney always manage to slip in a few good life lessons into their movies and Lion King is no exception. One of my favourite quotes and one of the best life lessons from this movie is one I didn’t even understand fully as I watched it as a kid. That makes it all the better!You can watch as Simba loses his dad making you realise how important family really is. You see Simba learn who he really is and that he can’t simply escape his past but find a way to use it as his motivation thanks to Rafiki. Seriously there are so many subtle things and lessons along the way and I absolutely love it!

Photo: Pintrest

It’s still funny – For a movie that involves a brutal death that let’s be honest we all haven’t gotten over, the movie still has so many great comedic and light hearted moments. Of course Timon and Pumbaa were created for comedic relief and through that they have many great moments that are perfect for kids but also more subtle jokes for the adults watching.

Mufassa and Simba’s relationship – Considering how little time these characters have together in the movie it is incredible that Disney have managed to create such an enduring and loving relationship between parent and child. The scene after Mufassa has saved Simba from the hyenas and they are looking up at the stars is one of the sweetest moments in the movie because it is a dad trying to share his knowledge with his young son while also sharing that even he gets scared some times.

Quite frankly there is nothing I don’t love about this movie. To this day it is the only movie out there that can reduce me to absolute tears and keep me there for ages!

Thanks guys


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