Real Life

Dear Diary – 14th June 2019

Not done one of these for a while and I kind of need something to put all this nervous energy I have into. Plus back in the day it would be a physical diary I would scribble in to calm me down so just moving with the times now!

Dear Diary


I am currently on the train to Edinburgh to then get another one to take me to London for a weekend with my cousin. Truthfully I should be super excited but I’m more anxious than anything right now. I know I have never been the person that is super excited about something before it happens, well I look forward to things but I’m not one of those countdown to holiday types, unless we’re talking about Disney.

Aside from that I’m nervous about getting there and how the weekend is going to go. I love my cousin but we weren’t cousins that grew up together, when we were younger she lived 2 hours away in Aberdeen and then she went on to study in America for years before eventually coming back and moving to London. Don’t get me wrong we get on really well but a full weekend with just us is different to the usual family events we see each other at. Add on to that, that she has a work event/party that she is responsible for tonight that I am going to be at with her and it reaches all new levels of anxiety.

My cousin works with brands and unfortunately she couldn’t get out of this one which means she will be darting about all night doing her job, leaving me with some of her friends (that I also don’t know) that she has invited along too. I’m sure it will be fine and will be one of those moments in life where it turns out to be something you are so glad you did but as of right now I am so nervous!


Ok I managed to get to London fine and met my cousin straight away. Dropped stuff off at her flat and then she had to head back to work to get stuff sorted for the brand party thing later tonight. So I have a couple spare hours to kill wandering about before heading to meet her at her work at half 5 so we can get to this party for 6! So since it’s not central London there isn’t absolute loads of shops to go to that aren’t a fair walk away so I’m currently settled in Starbucks for a bit of a breather. You’d think after 4 years working in one I’d stay away but it’s weirdly comforting being in one again.

So far everything has been good. Still nervous about this party because I really don’t know what to expect but I’m telling myself that’s a good thing. What is it they say? Everything you want is on the other side of fear? Nothing ever happens in your comfort zone? Therefore in keeping with my new attitude I’m going to give this a proper go! At least the rest of the weekend looks more my kind of thing.

Thanks guys


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