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My Moving Out Diary

Can’t believe I am finally getting to write this post. I decided late last year that 2019 was going to be the year I finally moved out and got a real sense of independence.

So halfway through the entire process I decided to keep a rough diary of what was going on and what I was doing. Truthfully I had no idea how much was involved and even though I knew moving was said to be one of the most stressful things you can do I never took account of the impact it would have on me daily. I am an obsessive person so I tend to fixate in things meaning that any of you reading this that are thinking of moving out will not have the same constant thoughts as me but I am just going to give you my experience.

November/ December 2018 – I decided 2019 was going to be the year I moved out so I downloaded some apps like Zoopla and kept a close eye on properties coming up in my area. Nothing too serious at this point but I wanted to see what was out there and for what price.

December 2018 – I saw a flat that I liked in the area I wanted to be in so arranged a viewing. I was surprised at how nervous I was about going for the viewing because I honestly had no idea what questions to ask. I went to see it and liked it, the person selling it hinted that I could get it below the asking price because it was near the end of the year and she had already sold it to the builders. I agonised over whether or not to put an offer in, ultimately deciding against it because this had been the first one I looked at and I had only really just considered looking a month before.

January 2019 – Ok it’s the new year let’s get this flat! I started looking more frequently at properties coming up for sale and had arranged an appointment with my bank to discuss mortgages. I went to this appointment and truthfully left rather disappointed. I wasn’t able to get as big a mortgage as I had originally in my naivety thought I could. I started to look more closely at my bills and options.

February 2019 – I was starting to lose patience. Yes I had only been seriously looking for about a month but was losing motivation because properties were just not coming up. They were either in areas I wouldn’t live or were too far out of my price range. Viewed one flat, cancelled another

March 2019 – it was getting into spring and I was told this was when properties would start to come up more frequently again. I continued to save as much money as I could for the deposit I needed and kept an eye out.

April 2019 – Wow that was a hectic month. I ended up viewing 3 flats all pretty close together. I actually thought I was almost about to get the first one but looking back I’m glad I didn’t. It was nice enough but needed some work down and the whole thing was just a whirlwind. The first one went to close pretty quickly so I didn’t even get a chance to properly note my interest. I was gutted but managed to find another one to view the next again week.

I really like this one. It didn’t have any furniture in it so it looked huge and had these lovely bay windows. Saw that one on the Tuesday and viewed the third one on that Friday. Put offers in for both and then got phoned on the Saturday regarding the third flat, they wanted more money. I said know and then it was the Easter weekend so wasn’t expecting to hear anything but got phoned on the Tuesday saying my offer had been accepted on the third one. Then had an email saying my offer on the second one had been accepted – decision time!

Arranged a second viewing for the third one for that Thursday. Loved it! Put the official offer in that night and it got accepted the following day! All systems go!

May 2019 – I got my legal fees through and thankfully it was less than I originally planned for. I also got asked for an official move in date so after a bit of negotiation the date was agreed – Friday 21st June. Now I can properly start buying stuff!

Speaking of which I have so far got candles and canisters for sugar tea and coffee. I have also managed to get my mortgage all sorted and have even managed to get it for less than I budgeted for! As well as now adding some more kitchen stuff to my “moving out” box.

June 2019 – wow that’s us finally here! I move out this month! Right now we’re at the start of June so I only have to finalise a few more things like prove all the money is there and close down one of my accounts that I used specifically for my deposit. Other than that as of right now (June 1st) I’ve pretty much done everything I can.

Ok accounts have been closed and money all moved to one account for my deposit. Just waiting on my closing statement to come through later on in the week to then give to my solicitors for applying for my bonus! Side note I also managed to get cutlery as well.

Closing statement has been handed in, more paperwork has been signed and I managed to get my toaster. Slowly but surely getting all the stuff I need! Less than 2 weeks to go!

1 week to go! Plan is to send all the money etc on Monday (goodbye bank balance) then all that is left is to pick the keys up next Friday!!!

22nd June – Keys were picked up yesterday! Spent yesterday cleaning and then today was for painting and moving furniture. Slowly getting there but upside is while I’m waiting on everything getting sorted properly I can stay at my mum and dad’s. So far so good though. Still feels a bit surreal but I’m sure it will sink in soon enough.

Thanks guys


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