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2019 Goals Check Up

Ok we’re now into summer and just like checking on my reading list I am going to have a look at how I’m doing with my goals for this year.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2019 is filled with good memories and new experiences.

If 2018 was a bad year for any of you, today is a new year and a new opportunity to leave the past in the past and make 2019 the best year for you.

So in 2018 I tried to be more positive and send some really good vibes out into the universe in an attempt to have a more content year. In 2019 I plan to keep up my positivity when I can and this made me think I would make goals for 2019 rather than resolutions. Yes i know it’s just semantics but in my head goals sounds more like things to aim and achieve for rather than resolutions being known as something that everyone eventually fails at.

Get to 28 mins for my usual 5k park run

Use 8kg for a few kettlecise classes

Get my own flat or house – Can’t believe I can score this off my list at the halfway mark! I was honestly starting to lose faith but I managed to find a flat I love and picked up my keys just over a week ago.

Move up on the work ladder

Get to 26.5cm waist

Finally be brave enough to get my tattoo – After going back and forth will this I finally decided to go and book it and I finally got it done in April

Reach 400 WordPress followers

Reach 700 Instagram followers

Reach 500 Twitter Followers

Start adding non fiction books to my reading list

Write a sponsored post

Finish my read list for 2019

Try to reconnect with an old friend

Learn to relax and accept things as they come

Ok so there are a few biggies on this list I’d say but I am determined to get my own place this year, even if it means moving into my own place on 31st December, that still counts! I learnt a lot in 2018 and I fully intend to keep up with my more positive attitude and hopefully this will lead to me being able to not only achieve these goals but achieve goals that I have not even set myself yet.

Thanks guys


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