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Blogmas Day 10: Motivational Monday

Anyone else feel Mondays are actually easier once December hits because let's be honest Christmas makes December one of the strangest months out there because days don't feel like normal days. People have loads of plans on the lead up to the big day and especially now that I am out of customer service work… Continue reading Blogmas Day 10: Motivational Monday

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Blogmas Day 8: Top Christmas Movies

Now that it's December I feel it is appropriate to talk about my favourite Christmas movies! The great thing about lists like this is everyone's will be different, often with movies mentioned some people haven't even watched. Now there are loads of Christmas themed movies out there so I'm going to keep this list short… Continue reading Blogmas Day 8: Top Christmas Movies


Blogmas Day 6: Christmas Carol at 14 vs 24

Is it really that the of year again already? Thought I would start this off with a review I actually done last year after spending my last December only reading Christmas themed books. After reading a few I decided rereading a Christmas Carol would be a good idea considering the last time I did it… Continue reading Blogmas Day 6: Christmas Carol at 14 vs 24

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Blogmas Day 5: What Makes It Christmas?

Everyone no doubt has their own checklist of what officially makes it Christmas time for them. Whether it's seeing a certain movie, putting the tree up or visiting the Christmas markets. Sometimes it can be big things and sometimes it can be the smallest little detail and what is so great about this question is… Continue reading Blogmas Day 5: What Makes It Christmas?