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DisneyWorld vs Disneyland Paris

Ok before I go into this in any real depth I will make it clear that no place is better to me than Disneyworld but I always think it's an interesting question to ask because depending on your circumstances or even personal preferences you might prefer Disneyland. Years ago I wouldn't even entertain the idea… Continue reading DisneyWorld vs Disneyland Paris

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Best Disneyworld Memories

Now that it's summer time I can't help but think about the most amazing holidays I have had and it is normally about this time in June we would be leaving for two weeks in Florida. So with that in mind what are my favourite Disneyworld memories? July 2001 Animal Kingdom -ย This is a random… Continue reading Best Disneyworld Memories

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My 2018 Holiday Plans

We've all been thinking about them right? First we stumble through January by looking up these wonderful sunny holidays that can take us away from the dark days following the buzz of Christmas. Then we get into February and our newsfeeds begin to fill up with people we know announcing that they have booked holidays… Continue reading My 2018 Holiday Plans

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Holiday Flashback – Rome

January and February seem to be that time where everyone desperately wants to book holidays and that is normally try for me considering most of my holidays over the past few years have been booked in either of these months. A particular favourite of mine was booked almost exactly two years ago and this is… Continue reading Holiday Flashback – Rome