Blogmas Day 14: Top Christmas Songs

Less than 2 weeks to go! Where has the time disappeared to?! With this in mind I thought I would list my favourite Christmas songs considering that even my gym class next week is supposed to include Christmas songs. So let's begin Last Christmas by Wham - This is a new addition to my list… Continue reading Blogmas Day 14: Top Christmas Songs

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Blogmas Day 8: Top Christmas Movies

Now that it's December I feel it is appropriate to talk about my favourite Christmas movies! The great thing about lists like this is everyone's will be different, often with movies mentioned some people haven't even watched. Now there are loads of Christmas themed movies out there so I'm going to keep this list short… Continue reading Blogmas Day 8: Top Christmas Movies

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Favourite Disneyworld Attractions

Considering my blog name I should probably have already had this one done by now. Anyone that knows me knows that I could talk about Disneyworld all day, every day but I thought I would ease you all into that by telling you my favourite attractions from the wonderful world of Disney! Tower of Terror… Continue reading Favourite Disneyworld Attractions